You and your friends will be playing a fun and engaging game in which the goal is to stay alive until you cross the finish line and determine if you've managed to accumulate the fewest number of cards.


After choosing a board game piece, all players will begin playing on the start space. Lowest dice roll will indicate who goes first (that’s right lowest number goes first) and play will continue in a counter-clockwise fashion (the person to the right goes next).


Players move forward the number of corresponding spaces as their die roll. The player lands on spaces that indicate the action to be taken.


  • Blank spaces (no action)

  • Illness space draws an illness card

  • Injury space draws an Injury card


Illness or Injury space allows you to choose either an Injury or Illness card to draw. The Hospital space allows you to eliminate either the Injury or Illness card to the bottom of the corresponding deck. 


After landing on a space that requires a card draw the player chooses the top card from the appropriate stack and reads the card out loud to the group and performs any actions indicated. Once the player reads the care they will keep or collect that card unless otherwise stated, and their turn is over. The next player to roll is in the counterclockwise positions, right side, and performs the same process. The spaces are all different sizes and cannot accommodate many board game pieces, which was designed into the game and meant to agitate all players.


A player will be eliminated from play or “die” if they collect more than ten cards prior to the finish line. Players that cross the finish line with less than 10 cards cannot be eliminated, however, they can still accumulate cards from participants still in play.

Once a player crosses the finish line they count the number of cards they have collected, each card equals one point. The spaces past the finish line indicate additional points that are either subtracted or added to the total number of card/points acquired by that player during play. It is possible to have negative numbers. The player with the lowest number of points after all players have crossed the finish line is the winner.


In the event of a tie, those players enter a Lightening round. lightening round, play begins in the quarantine box, points starting at zero.


If a player obtains a card the indicates they are quarantined they must move their game piece to the quarantine area and lose their next turn. After skipping a turn, they continue the game from the space directly in front of the quarantine area and move toward the finish line as before.

When a player lands on the dementia space all players yell the word “DEMENTIA!” and that player moves to the quarantine area and loses a turn.


When a card indicates that you must move backward a number of spaces for a penalty, no new card is drawn and no other action is required (hospital space is not valid and you cannot eliminate any cards).

All the diseases are real and some of the situations have been experienced first-hand, feel free to look them up on the internet.

The game includes blank cards so you and your friends can add your own “first-hand” experiences to the game making it truly one of a kind. Don't forget to indicate if it was an Injury or illness and add a name and date so you can remember who said what when. Have fun and good luck staying alive.

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