Dr. Seymour Butts

Interviewer from American United Health Magazine; Dr Butts we have heard that you now have created a board game called Injury or Illness, can you tell me more about that?

Dr. Butts: Who did you talk to? Did they mention I was sick?

Interviewer: No they said nothing about an illness, uhh, It was mentioned as a favorite game from several psychotic patients had recommended it.

Dr. Butts; Well, I have treated several psychotic patients successfully. And I must say I am leader in the field.

Interviewer; So, where did you do your training at?

Dr. Butts; What training?

Interviewer; Where did you obtain your medical license and degree?

Dr. Butts; I never said I had a degree, and who sent you again?

Interviewer; We are from the American United Health Magazine?

Dr.Butts: Am I sick?

Interviewer; No, you aren’t sick. Dr. Butts we are doing an interview with you about your game Injury or Illness, it has been said it very funny. It’s filled with sick, dark humor.

Dr. Butts; Oh the game, it was a drunken challenge

Interviewer; So can you tell me more about that?

Dr. Butts: About what?

Interviewer; The drunken challenge

Dr. Butts; I have no idea what you’re talking about

Interviewer: To our readers we are trying to explore your game and its creation.

Dr. Butts; Oh right well one night I was drinking with a midget and we were watching Lord of the Rings and every time a hobbit showed up we had to drink to his health

Interviewer: That’s quite insulting.

Dr. Butts; who are you again

Interviewer; From the magazine

Dr. Butts; I have some beer’s, do you want to watch Lord of the Rings?

Interviewer; This is going nowhere

Dr. Butts: Was it supposed to go somewhere?

Interviewer; I’ve learned nothing about you or the game.

Dr. Butts; What game?

Interviewer: I’m leaving good bye

Dr.Butts; Wait don’t go!

Interviewer; What is it?

Dr.Butts; The game is sick, with very dark humor. Everyone should buy it and then go drink with a midget.

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