Game Night: Injury or Illness?

Our friends, the Kerner Family (Beth, Steve, Louis, Isaac, Ricki, and Sheila) recently created a board game and had it published. It is called “INJURY OR ILLNESS?” I had played it a few times on their make-shift prototype while it was still in development, but was looking forward to finally playing it on the shiny and new printed version that they had graciously sent me.

My friend Erich was in town, and we decided to get together with our friends Shookie and Vye (last seen in our coastal road trip seen HERE) for a game night. “INJURY OR ILLNESS?” was going to be the game du jour. Erich and I had both played the prototype at the Kerner’s home in Florence, Oregon before, but this would be the first time for the ladies. This would end up being a fun evening.

The game is funny and definitely not for children. (There is an “Ages 18 and up” advisory on the cover.) Each card tells a short zany story of wacky injury or bizarre illness. There may or may not also be some action required by the player who draws the card and there’s always the possibility of ending up in quarantine or with dementia! (Huh? Just play the game and you’ll understand.)

For this particular game night, I decided to film the evening’s festivities and the hilarious “INJURY OR ILLNESS?” action as it unfolded. I created a video, which you can view below. I do have to warn you that there is some “language” in it though. Watch or don’t:

We had a great time. The Kerner’s have really created an amazingly fun and interactive game. (Bravo, you guys! Whoo hoo! And thank you for the game!)


You can even buy it directly from Amazon click HERE

Look for future posts about Game Nights as we have some fun ones scheduled on the horizon.

Thanks for visiting.


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